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Key Features of SMS Pro Online Safety Software

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ICAO SMS, FAA SMS, IS-BAO SMS and Transport Canada SMS are all in agreement with SMS Pro. SMS Pro is a compliance achiever.
Ready for compliance, in a nice Web-based toolkit
SMS Pro provides your organization with the framework, Web server, database and tools you need to manage an ICAO compliant aviation safety management system.

Completely customizable elements to satisfy your ICAO's SMS requirements

Customize Your SMS

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Aviation Safety Risk Management Software

SMS Pro Features for Best Aviation Safety Management System

SMS Pro is an integrated solution that facilitates operations of airlines, airports, helicopter operators, towers and MROs by increasing the efficiency of business processes, improving service delivery to meet client’s service expectations and improves operational and management reporting. SMS Pro is a Web-based application, thus ensuring information sharing across the organization.
SMS Pro provides:

  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness of organizational Quality, Safety, Security and Regulatory Compliance activities using "Issue Reporting" and "Issue Manager" modules.
  • Enhance response times to audit findings by streamlining planning and tracking activities in the "Issue Manager," Performance Monitoring" and "Goals & Objectives" modules.
  • Secure central repository for document storage and version
  • Collaborative environment to share processes, policies & procedures across various entities using the "Read File," "Policies" and "Duties and Requirements" modules among internal and external users.
  • Provides accurate and timely data & statistics using "Performance Monitoring," "Goals & Objectives," "Hazard Analyzer (charts)," "Quick Table," and "Quick Sort" modules.
  • Lessons Learned library to share knowledge across different users in the organization.
  • Create custom audit checklists to perform inspections, audits and evaluations
  • Audit and audit management using same framework as "Issue Manager" module.
  • Fully customizable issue assessment and classification allows incidents to be categorized by two customized classification systems in "Issue Manager" module. Issues can be further classified by associated hazards and risks identified in the "Hazard Analysis Tool" module.
  • Automated Trend analysis with alerts when thresholds are met or exceeded.
  • Alerts emailed when assigned issues, tasks or corrective actions are coming due.
  • Email alerts for overdue assigned issues, tasks or corrective actions.
  • Create/edit SMS manuals in place using available templates.


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SMS Pro Key Features & Functionality

SMS Pro is a consolidated and fully integrated safety management system designed for the airline industry, wherein each reported issue moves as a work-item from user to user as email notifications in the following fashion:

  • Safety manager assigns issue to a department & responsible manager (Dept Head);
  • Dept Head determines appropriate corrective actions and assigns them to employees with due dates;
  • When corrective actions have been completed, users notify Dept Head of status change;
  • Dept Head confirms satisfactory completion of corrective actions and accepts or rejects performance;
  • Safety Manager is notified when all corrective actions have been completed;
  • Safety Manager closes issue and set a review date;

Investigations and cost tracking may optionally occur.
At any time, the person reporting the issue may login and see the status of his reported issues, thus increasing accountability. Comments are kept for historical purposes.
Each user a unique username and SMS Pro allows work re-allocation among different users in the same role. This ensures that leave / attrition has no side effects on the functioning of the system.
Security and permissions are based on role-based security adopted from Microsoft's Membership Role Provider model. System functionality is based on users' roles. For example, auditors may view, but not change content, except to add remarks, report finding and concerns, etc.
Reported issues are assigned a unique ID number to distinguishes them from similar issues.
Sophisticated filters allow issues to be easily searched by key word, status, reported date, priority and more.
Conventional sorting functionality also exists to assist users in managing data. Data may be exported to Excel or Word, thus facilitating the creation of custom reports.
Color coded issues are easily identified as to their Risk Level.
Users easily see when tasks, corrective actions and assigned issues are overdue by colors and alert symbols.
SMS Pro allows users to easily create and manage corrective actions and tasks. Email communication is integrated throughout the application, notifying parties of important events, such as status changes.
Audit history is visible to all users with appropriate security permissions. Auditors can see remarks and actions of previous auditors.
Reported issues are periodically reviewed to ensure implemented controls are effective. This review history remains documented and visible to all users with appropriate security permissions.
Custom reports can be created by NorthWest Data Solutions' professional development team. This team developed SMS Pro and understands the data model and business processes very well.

Aviation SMS Manuals for aviation service providers. SMS is a management system for integrating safety activities into normal day-to-day business practices. The FAA, through its Office of Aviation Safety (AVS), envisions product/service provider organizations will integrate into their operations and management a systematic risk-based and process-oriented approach to managing safety; including changes to
necessary organizational structures, accountabilities, policies and procedures. The FAA is considering SMS rulemaking to further enhance the practice of managing safety and oversight of that management. Such an approach stresses not only compliance with technical standards, but increases emphasis on those management systems that ensure risk management and safety assurance.

Aviation SMS Web based hazard reporting and management tools. Aviation SMS Manuals. FAA expects that the rulemaking will likely result in amendments to 14 CFR parts 21, 119,121,125,135,141,142, and 145, and associated guidance documents (e.g., manuals, advisory circulars, operations specifications), as necessary, including incorporating existing ICAO, CAA, and other product/service provider best practices.

Aviation SMS Manuals provided by SMS Pro partners

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