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Create Aviation Safety Officer Checklists to Enhance Your Flight SMS

SMS Pro includes a feature to create Aviation Safety Officer Checklists. Aviation Safety Officer Checklists are templates you can easily create to manage your aviation safety plan.  Your aviation SMS should be fully documented and your records management policy requires an accessible format.  SMS Pro satisfies this requirement.

Aviation Safety Officer Checklist Key Uses

Aviation Safety Officer Checklist utility can be used for more than routine inspections. Use it for:

  1. Aviation Safety Officer Checklists;
  2. Aviation Inspection Forms;
  3. Internal Audits Forms; and
  4. Other customized checklists to wish to track.

Key Aviation Safety Officer Checklist Features

SMS Pro's Aviation Safety Officer Checklists features include:

  • Customized answer types (T/F, Y/N/NA, E/M/NI/NR, full text and more);
  • References to FARs, SARs, CAR, OPs SPECs or whatever you choose;
  • Public view (to share with others in a public library of Aviation Safety Officer Checklists;
  • Revision details;
  • Effictive dates and more.

Once you have your customized Aviation Safety Officer Checklist created, your users can perform routine inspections using your flight organization's Aviation Safety Officer Checklists. They can be printed or entered directly into your system.

Aviation Safety Officer Checklist Business Process

The business process goes as follows:

  1. User selects an inspection form from your Aviation Safety Officer Checklist library;
  2. User fills out the checklist and deficiencies are noted.
  3. Issues are generated (upon user discretion) that feed into SMS Pro's aviation Hazard Reporting System.
  4. Safety manager assigns the issue to a responsible manager
  5. Responsible manager implements a corrective action plan
  6. Issue is tracked to completion.

Historical data is captured and stored using your Aviation Safety Officer Checklists. Charts and graphs allow in-depth analysis, trending and investigation cababilities.

Contact us today to learn more about SMS Pro's customizable Aviation Safety Officer Checklists.

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