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Aviation SMS Manuals for aviation service providers. SMS is a management system for integrating safety activities into normal day-to-day business practices. The FAA, through its Office of Aviation Safety (AVS), envisions product/service provider organizations will integrate into their operations and management a systematic risk-based and process-oriented approach to managing safety; including changes to
necessary organizational structures, accountabilities, policies and procedures. The FAA is considering SMS rulemaking to further enhance the practice of managing safety and oversight of that management. Such an approach stresses not only compliance with technical standards, but increases emphasis on those management systems that ensure risk management and safety assurance.

Aviation SMS Web based hazard reporting and management tools. Aviation SMS Manuals. FAA expects that the rulemaking will likely result in amendments to 14 CFR parts 21, 119,121,125,135,141,142, and 145, and associated guidance documents (e.g., manuals, advisory circulars, operations specifications), as necessary, including incorporating existing ICAO, CAA, and other product/service provider best practices.

Aviation SMS Manuals provided by SMS Pro partners

Aviation SMS Products

Hazard Reporting Solution
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Hazard Reporting Solution offers incredible savings for thrifty companies needing high-quality aviation SMS software.

Risk Management Solution
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Risk Management Solution designed for operators with limited SMS budgets using simple user-friendly Web-based SMS tools.

Safety-Quality Assurance allows operators to advance their ICOA SMS implementations to the top level.

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SMS Pro Enterprise provides unlimited file storage space for SMS activities and access to ALL SMS Pro modules.

SMS Aviation Web Based Software Key Modules by SMS Pro

SMS Aviation Online Safety Management Systems

Issue Manager™ in Affordable SMS Aviation Safety Management Software

Issue Manager ™ allows aviation operators to quickly and easily manage operational hazards. SMS Pro takes into account the different phases of hazard management including: assessment, comminication, corrective action planning and follow-up. The customizable email platform allows for realtime risk communication and management.

Aviation Safety and Department Managers can recieve emails when issues are submitted. SMS Pro emails contain links which allow SMS Pro users to view and manage aviation safety issues. Email and view/edit permissions can be set per user role to match your aviation company culture. 

 SMS Pro features include:

  • Corrective actions are tracked electronically.
  • Automatic email notifications for risk communication and corrective actions
  • Maintains issue management history
  • Allows for customizable degrees of transparency
  • Fully customizable dropdown system for classifying issues.
  • Customize Type of Issue, Root Cause and Type of Process.
  • Customizable Department Classification
  • Assign Responsible Manager to operational risks.
  • Utilize Risk Statement to communicate risk
  • Dynamic risk matrix with automatically generated probability and severity fields.
  • Customize recommended corrective actions with suspense dates.
  • Customize status fields.
  • Built in recordkeeping. Application tracks time, date, and users of most entries.
  • Allows feedback to anonymous reporters

SMS Pro contains a robust hazard reporting module designed for the aviation industry. Determine whether our hazard reporting module meets your expectations with this checklist.

Quick Sort™ in Recommended Aviation Safety Management Program

  • Sort by groups within groups if desired
  • Sort all issues in the company, or by individual divisions
  • Query results provide links to RiskManager™ to update and manage risk
  • Search by keywords
  • Reverse sort by date or alphabetically
  • Export query results to Microsoft Excel or Word with one click. 
  • Queries are dynamic and easily customizable

Safety Survey™ in SMS Aviation Safety Management Software

Surveys can be an effective tool in developing and sustaining an SMS. Managers may want to know how safety is viewed within the organiztion. SafetySurvey™ easily accomodates surveys. What's more, users get can complete the survey and get real-time results.

SMS Pro Safety Survey Features Include

  • Questions are quick and easy to layout
  • Choose multiple or single answer selection
  • Survey results can be made public or private
  • Votes can be limited to one voter per user or per cookie
  • Automatic survey close date

Quick Table™ in Best SMS Aviation Safety Management Program

To be successful in SMS, operators will need to proritize risk management efforts. For example, high risk issues that are unresolved need to be manage before low risks which are currently being mitgated. QuickTable™ allows users to prioritize thier efforts by laying out risks in a dynamic table. The tables are interactive and quickly link the user to RiskManager™ to manage the issue.  

Quick Table Features Include:

  • Queries are dymanic and easy to use
  • Sort risks by division, department, user, risk level, status, etc
  • Built-in links take users back into RiskManager™ to implement or update risk management strategies
  • Query by customized date set, or by week, month, year

Document Manager™ in Aviation SMS

SMS require documents, policy and procedure to describe how the system works. Many operators prefer to have documents in a central location with revision control. DocumentManager™ does just that.

SMS Pro Document Manager Features Include:

  • 300 MB document storage
  • Centralized document retention
  • Set document permissions by user role
  • Automatically tracks revision histories
  • Supports multiple document libraries
  • Documents can be "checked out" to maintain document integrity

Safety Read File™ in SMS Pro, the Premier Online Aviation SMS

Safety communication is important in a robust safety management system. Disseminating the information can often be one of the most challenging aspects. SafetyReadFile™ gives your organization an additional method of communication. 

SMS Pro Safety Read File Features Include:

  • 300 MB File Storage
  • Track number of times each file is viewed
  • Log user, date and time each file is viewed
  • Link to external source or file on your site

Meeting Manager™ for SMS Aviation Meeting Management

Bringing people from different parts of the organization together for meetings can be a time consuming and sometimes seemingly impossible task. Furthermore, disseminating information about the agenda becomes more difficult because it is difficult to organize pending issues that may not be within your sphere of influence.

Meeting Manager is a meeting scheduling tool that allows you to quickly and efficiently organize meetings based on agendas within SMS Pro. Starting with unresolved issues within your division, you can add or subtract important agenda items and email planned participants of the agenda. All you need is a web browser and e-mail - no software needs to be installed on your computer.

You can use this module independent of SMS Pro to manage other meetings. Meeting Manager focuses on safety, quality, security and compliance meetings and is ideal for firms, organizations and individuals for whom time is a valuable resource and a professional image is essential. Meeting Manager is highly scalable. Its enterprise architecture supports both individuals and organizations with thousands of employees.  

SMS Pro Meeting Manager Features: 

  • SMS risk management data can be queried and automatically entered as agenda items 
  • Agendas can be sent to attendees via email 
  • The Meeting Manager can be utilized for non-SMS meetings
  • Meeting invitations can be accepted and input into Microsoft Outlook 
  • SMS task items can be entered real-time and tracked electronically
  • Risk management history is automatically uploaded into the meeting real-time
  • Private notes can be sent to meeting participants
  • Agendas and meeting minutes can be sent as a password protected PDF document
  • Meeting minutes are archived and can easily be referenced 

Operators need a quick and easy way to sort through operational risks. QuickSort™ does just that. The application is dynamic and allows users to sort by risk level, status, date reported, responsible manager and many other fields. What's more, users can sort by group and subgroup allowing operators to sort throught operational risk.

SMS Pro Quick Sort Features Include: 

Sort by group, date, category, department, status and ten other fields

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