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Key Performance Indicators in Aviation Safety Management System

Improved Key Performance Indicators in SMS Pro

SMS Pro's Key Performance Indicators

Key performance indicators allow management to quickly see how their aviation safety management system is affecting their operations. They are typically not interested in going into the weeds. 

SMS Pro offers a Safety Board for executives to see reported activity. One can quickly see how open is the reporting culture by looking at the Safety Board. In addition, looking at the average number of days an issue is unresolved is a good metric for organizational responsiveness.

After looking at the elements above in the image, please provide feedback on what other metrics would be useful in an aviation SMS.

SMS Pro has the following key performance indicators:

  • Total Number Issues Reported
  • Average Days to Resolve Issue
  • Number Months Reporting
  • Average Number Issues Reported Each Month
  • Total Cost of all Issues
  • Average Cost per Issue
  • Minimum Issue Cost
  • Maximum Issue Cost
  • Median Issue Cost

SMS Pro is currently working on becoming an accepted FAA SMS. SMS does not try to be all things to al organizations.  We focus on aviation safety.

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