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GAP Analysis Tool for Aviation Safety Management Systems

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SMS Pro's Free GAP Analysis Tool

GAP Analyses help uncover shortfalls in some process or characteristic. They are done against a template or model, such as SMS Pro's model adapted from various SMS guidance documents published in Canada, The United Kingdom and The United States. At its core are two questions:
  1. Where are we?
  2. Where do we want to be?
GAP Analyses are often used to discover where to focus efforts on improvement. They compare characteristics of an organization's operations against an appropriate model. GAP Analyses highlight areas where requirements of the model are not fully realized and details necessary changes.

Required changes indicate existing gaps between organizations' current operations and desired states and which areas are likely to be the most responsive to improvement efforts. Managers can then judge which areas, when improved, would be most beneficial to the organization.

Recommended usage:
  1. Perform initial GAP Analysis.
  2. Analyze where most improvement can be made with least effort.
  3. Perform another GAP Analysis.
  4. Determine whether improvements have been made.
  5. Use graphs to note improvements or degrading processes.
  6. Repeat as necessary.

Transport Canada's version of GAP Analysis is now integrated into SMS Pro, the best aviation safety management system on the planet.


As mentioned above, SMS Pro's GAP analysis has been adapted from various SMS guidance documents published in Canada, The United Kingdom and The United States. It provides assessments of safety programs measured against effective SMS criteria as described by

  1. ICAO Safety Management Manual;
  2. Doc 9859, TP14326E (Canada); and
  3. SMS Pilot Project Gap Analysis (FAA).

SMS Pro's GAP Analysis is divided into sections for elements required for an effective SMS. These questions cover significant parts of each element.

To access and use the Free SMS Pro GAP Analysis Tool:

  1.  Go to flight-sms.com.
  2. If you have not registered at this SMS Pro demo site, first register. 
  3. You will be emailed a verification code.  This email address will be used to send the final report.  Click on the link in your email to return to flight-sms.com
  4. You wil have reduced privileges, but you will have access to menu item "SMS Information >> GAP Analysis
  5.  After reading the About tab information, go to "Perform GAP Analysis"
  6. There are 13 categories in a list box on the left.  You can view the questions without starting the GAP analysis.
  7. When ready, press the "Start GAP Analysis" button. Then select a different GAP Analysis Element at the left.
  8. Do not press the "Stop GAP Analysis" button until you are finished.  NOTE (With the full version of SMS Pro, multiple members can work on the same GAP analysis from different computers.  You can also resume GAP analyses that you have not finished.  When GAP analyses are finished, you can not edit them. 
  9. When working on a GAP analysis as a team, designate a responsible person for finishing the GAP analysis.
  10. Answer all questions.
  11. At any time, you can view your current results by selecting the "Results" tab.
  12. When you are finished, select the "Stop GAP Analysis" button.
  13. An email report will be sent to you.
  14. The full version keeps track of your previous SMS Pro GAP analyses and trends them on charts.  You can also view past results and resume unfinished GAP analyses.  For a demo, contact [email protected] nwds-ak.com

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