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Bottom Line Report for Aviation Safety Management Systems

A great report has become available to SMS Pro.  It is called the Bottom Line Report (for now). It provides a way for managers to demonstrate to employees the costs associated to incidents.  Let's face it, we have become desensitized to $$ figures and employees need numbers that make sense to them. The Bottom Line Report reports issue cost in # seats sold or # hours of operation needed to recover lost costs.

The Bottom Line Report appears as a tab on the Safety Performance Board
Only managers can view this tab.

Purpose: Determines how costs of reported issues affect the bottom line.

Required information to run this report:

a) Annual Gross Profit
b) Annual Inventory Offered in Units (seats or hours)


From the above information, we get "Profit per Offered Unit" by simple division: a/b

Finally, we take the total loss in the time period & divide by "Profit per Offered Unit"

Our result is the number of units the company must sell to recover from losses due to reported issues.

Finally, there is a grid showing the top 10 most costly issues during the selected period.

The grid has:

1) Link to issue in Issue Manager
2) Issue Description
3) Date Reported
4) Status (if selecting only single division)
5) Issue Unit Cost
6) Unit Repair Cost


Issue Unit Cost is how many units company must sell in order to recover losses resulting from damages, lost revenue, etc.

Unit Repair Cost is how many units company must sell in order to recover funds spent applying "corrective actions."

If issues have been classified, and a division has been selected, the first column will be color coded based on the severity of the issue (Probability + Severity)

This module is available now. Below is a screenshot.

See how your aviation safety incidents affect the bottom line.  How many seats must be sold for an incident costing $$?

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