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Aviation Safety Management System Risk Management Process Checklist

Determine how your proposed aviation safety management system is adequate.  Best aviation safety management attempts to fulfill requirements in these checklists.  Judge whether SMS Pro is suited for your aviation department as an aviation safety management system.

We attempt to answer how SMS Pro fulfills aviation SMS requirements in the following section.  Finally, we provide the unadaulterated checklist so you can copy & paste it into your favorite aviation safety management system evaluation tool.  Thank you for considering SMS Pro as your premier aviation safety management system.

Evaluate SMS Pro's Risk Management Capabilities in This Checklist

1) Have criteria for evaluating risk been established and documented?
SMS Pro is utilizes a risk management matrix to analyze risk. Each operator will need to establish the criteria they willl use to evaluate each risk.
2) Has a system for identifying flight-related hazards been put in place and documented?
SMS Pro contains an Operational Risk Profile module that walks the safety officer through the process of identifying and mitigating flight-related risks.  Review schedules are adopted and alerts safety officers when flight-related operational risks are due for review.
3) Does aviation safety management system provide for relevant staff to be involved in critically analyzing & ranking identified flight-related risks?
SMS Pro contains a Meeting Manager module that allows organizations to track minutes while staff participate in analyzing and determining mitigation strategies for their flight-related operational risks.
4) Does aviation safety management system include details of defenses that have been set up to reduce, eliminate or avoid flight-related risks?
SMS Pro's Operational Risk Profile module allows safety officers to review mitigation strategies employed by other airlines.  Default operational risk profiles, complete with risks and mitigation strategies are mananged by SCSI, our aviation safety training partner.
5) Does aviation safety management system include details of how staff will be made aware of the defenses, and receive training, where appropriate?
Defenses are contained as policies, procedures, technology and training. SMS PRO utilizes an Operational Risk Profiles to manage risk. Staff can utilize SMS PRO's Internal Audit module to evaluate defenses identified in the profiles.
6) Does aviation safety management system include details of checks that will be in place to discover whether defenses are working?
SMS Pro contains several tools to determine whether their aviation SMS is working.  Safety Board allows members to see at a high profile of how the organization is doing.  Details of the Safety Board include:
  • Total Flight-Related Issues Reported;
  • Average number of days to resolve reported issues;
  • Number of months in reporting period;
  • Average number of flight-related issues reported monthly;
  • Total costs of all issues;
  • Average cost per reported flight-related issue;
  • Number of flight-related hazards charted by status (open, closed, stalled), severity (high, med, low) and type of issue (safety, quality, security or compliance).

Also included is a GAP Analysis that should be taken periodicially to determine whether any progress is being made on your aviation SMS.

Complete Set of SMS Policy Checklists following CASA's SMS Guidelines

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