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Aviation SMS Reporting System to Record Hazards, Risks & Actions Taken Checklist

Learn how your proposed aviation safety management system is adequate.  Best aviation safety management software or processes attempts to fulfill requirements in these checklists.  Judge whether SMS Pro is suited for your aviation department as an aviation safety management system.

We attempt to answer how the online, Web-enabled SMS Pro fulfills aviation SMS requirements in the following section.  Finally, we provide an unadaulterated checklist so you can copy & paste it into your favorite aviation safety management system evaluation tool.  Thank you for considering SMS Pro as your only aviation safety management system.

Aviation Hazard Reporting System Checklist with SMS Pro

1) Does aviation safety management system provide for all reports to be recorded and investigated?
SMS Pro has an issue reporting module allowing users to report safety, quality, security & compliance issues.  If issues are flight-related, SMS Pro uses the ASRS reporting model to track details such as weather, visibility, altitude, etc.
Users can attach images to reported issue for documenting incidents.   The issue reporting wizard guides users through the entire reporting process. At the end of the report, users are able to review reports & navigate backwards to edit desired areas of the report that may need adjusting.
When the users submit reports, emails are automatically generated and sent to thanking them for submitting the issue. Emails also include a link in which the user can click and go back to see the issue.
Managers also get an email alerting them a new issue has been reported. Email also includes a link so issues can be managed quickly. 
2) Does aviation safety management system include a combination of formal & informal reporting processes?
SMS Pro allows issues to be reported anonymously and formally, with user's name attached. In addition, issues can be reported by designated third parties, such as  Data Entry clerk.  For example, if your organization currently has a paper-based hazard reporting system, you can have your Data Entry specialist enter the reported issue into SMS Pro on behalf of the reporting user.
3) Does aviation safety management system provide for staff to be made aware that they will not be penalized for submitting a report?
SMS Pro provides an SMS Induction Agreement that all users acknowledge when they are inducted to the organization's SMS.
SMS Pro's user-friendly SMS Induction Agreement allows users to acknowledge they have been inducted into the flight operation's aviaiton safety management system. The third question states: "I understand the aim of our safety management system is to improve safety -- not to attribute blame."
If users don't agree with this statement, they can leave comments in the textbox provided and submit their comments to all aviation safety managers in the organization.  Safety managers then followup and indoctrinate users who need training or further information. 
4) Does aviation safety management system include process to protect confidentiality?
SMS Pro allows issues to be reported anonymously.  In addition, safety managers can protect issues they deem sensitive and not "eligible" for viewing by unauthorized personnel.
5) Does aviation safety management system include process to ensure staff that report aviation safety-related hazards will be given feedback?
SMS Pro provides immediate feedback to reporting users.  Emails are sent to users reporting issues. Emails contain links to the issue in SMS Pro.  At any time, the reporting user can follow the link in SMS Pro and view the status of the issue, including any comments, recommended corrective actions or assigned managers.
6) Does aviation safety management system include process to ensure that after investigations, recommendations will be made available to all staff?
SMS Pro contains built-in Investigation functionality.  After an investigation has been conducted, the aviation safety manager is able to draft a "Lessons Learned" document and email the Lessons Learned to either all authorized users in the company or authorized users within his division.
7) Does aviation safety management system allow the safety officer to monitor the status of each identified safety-related hazard?
SMS Pro easily allows safety manager to view the status of all issues.  Sophisticated, user friendly interfaces are available to perform ad-hoc queries showing the status of all issues by severity and probability.  In addition, safety managers can further refine their searches by type of concern, i.e, safety, quality, compliance or security.

Complete Set of SMS Policy Checklists following CASA's SMS Guidelines


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