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Aviation SMS Auditing Operation & Investigating Incidents & Accidents Checklist

How do you perform safety audits on your organization?  How do you investigate accidents? Determine whether your proposed aviation safety management system is adequate.  Best aviation safety management attempts to fulfill the requirements with these checklists.  Judge whether SMS Pro is suited for your aviation department.

We first attempt to answer how SMS Pro fulfill requirements in the following section.  Finally, we provide the unadaulterated checklist so you can copy & paste it into your favorite aviation safety management system evaluation tool.  Thank you for considering SMS Pro.

Use SMS Pro for Auditing Operations & Investigating Incidents & Accidents Checklist

1) Is there a documented system to audit whether company is meeting regulatory requirements & its own safety standards?
SMS PRO's Internal Evaluation module is designed to allow companies to monitor conformance with it's own safety standards. SMS PRO plans to provide a Regulatory Compliance module to assist operators in keeping track of compliance.
2) Is company staff encouraged to submit flight-related hazard reports and share aviation safety concerns in the provided aviation safety management system?
SMS Pro includes a boiler-plate Non-Punitive Reporting Policy.  Clients are encouraged to adapt it to their needs.  In addition, all users are encouraged to participate in an SMS Induction Agreement. The third item they agree to is "I understand the aim of our safety management system is to improve safety – not to attribute blame."
3) Does aviation safety management system include process to ensure feedback is provided to those audited?
SMS Pro sends emails to users when they report flight-related hazards, regardless whether flight-related issues are reported anonymously.  Whenever issues are updated, such as when comments are added, users are notified their issue has been updated. Users receive links in their emails, thus making it easy for them to drive directly to issues in question.
4) Does aviation safety management system include process for investigations to be carried out for flight-related hazard reports, accidents and incidents?
SMS Pro has incident investigation functionality attached to each reported issue.  Responsible managers are able to create investigatory notes for each issue reported. After the investigation has been completed, managers can then review & publish lessons learned using SMS Pro's "Lessons Learned" functionality.

Complete Set of SMS Policy Checklists following CASA's SMS Guidelines


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