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Aviation SMS Safety Management Systems Consultants for Airlines & Airports

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Aviation SMS training supplied by qualified aviation safety management systems professionals
Aviation safety management systems consulting by professional aviaiton SMS consulting companies for ICAO, Transport Canada, FAA SMS manuals

Aviation SMS Consultants

Aviation SMS hazard reporting and analysis tools for safety managers for ICAO, FAA and Transport Canada compliant tools
Qualified, aviation SMS consultants
SMS regulations have been evolving steadily. Considerable confusion exists as to the requirements of compliant aviation safety management systems. Your organization must choose aviation SMS consultants who stay current with evolving aviation SMS regulations. SMS Partners keep their finger on the pulse to help you to manage an ICAO compliant aviation safety management system.

JDA Aviation Technology

JDA can help your aviation-related company with:

Aviation SMS manuals to become compliant with ICAO and FAA regulations. Based in Washington D.C., JDA can help your team prepare your manuals.

JDA is a small firm of retired, top-level FAA executives that are now specially recognized by the FAA to conduct certification work. JDA has decades of FAA, NTSB and industry experience available immediately for your aviation SMS needs!

JDA is especially in tune with aviation SMS regulations due to their Washington D.C. location and their business networks.

JRA Aerospace - U.K.

JRA Aerospace provides consultancy support to the Aerospace and Defence sectors in the United Kingdom. Their expertise includes safety management systems, airworthiness, environmental management, project & bid management, unmanned airborne systems, airports and airlines.

JRA provides aviation SMS consulting in the United Kingdom for MOD and airports
  • Safety Management Plans
  • Determine Regulatory SMS Requirements
  • Hazard identification/analyses using PHA, SWIFT, HAZOP, FHA
  • Hazard management using FTA, FMEA and CCA
  • Create/Manage Safety Cases
  • Independent Safety Assessments

Hughes Aerospace Corporation

Hughes Safety Management Systems Programs (SMS) are chartered to deliver operators with a framework to not only achieve regulatory compliance, but address the management of safety risk ostensibly as financial risk, and provide a mechanism to manage these threats in daily business operations.

Hughes Aerospace Corporation works with:
  • Implementation of existing and emerging Communication, 
  • Navigation and Surveillance (CNS) technologies
  • Latest in Safety Management Systems or SMS
  • Specializes in training PBN procedures to ATC and Pilots
  • Involving the latest ATC simulation and Flight Simulators

TryByte - World-wide

TryByte specializes in consulting within commercial aviation, government regulatory agencies and air navigation service providers. This SMS Partner designs all supporting materials in-house including: regulatory compliant websites, promotional videos, online training, advertising and reference materials.

Aviation Safety Management Consultants in Austrailia providing compliance management, online assessments, performance measurements
  • SMS Compliance Management
  • Online Assessment
  • Customized SMS Manuals
  • Detailed Reporting Capabilities
  • Individual & Group Profiling
  • SMS Performance Management

PlaneTorque Australia - SMS

PlaneTorque Australia can assist you in any one or more of the following key areas of your business:

PlaneTorque provides aviation SMS consulting in the South Pacific regions
  • Issue Australian Certs of Airworthiness
  • Export CoA’s & Special Flight Permits
  • Turbine engine repair or overhaul
  • Audits – Internal & Suppliers
  • Basic aircraft performance analysis
  • Investigate incidents and accidents
  • Minimum Equipment List development and revisions
  • Project management
  • Analysis of maintenance trends
  • Implement Safety Management Systems
  • Maintenance system development & revisions

DCA-BR - SMS Consulting

DCA-BR works with projects involving:

  • Aircraft certification;
  • Operational safety;
  • Reliability;
  • Quality standards;
  • Continued airworthiness; and
  • Environmental protection.

DCA-BR also provides assistance on flight testing and experimental projects, as well as aircraft systems and performance evaluations.

SMS Pro is represented by DCA-BR in Brazil. SMS Pro is a centralized aviation safety management system for hazard reporting and issue management in a aviation risk management environment

DCA-BR experts have a great deal of past experience from the Brazilian Civil Aviation Authority, the aerospace industry, and the Brazilian Air Force.

DCA-BR is based in the city of São José dos Campos, in the state of São Paulo. São José dos Campos is the focal point of the Brazilian aviation industry, with key players such as renowned aircraft manufacturer Embraer.

SMS Manuals

Aviation SMS manuals for airlines, airports, mros

Useful SMS programs integrate safety-related policies, processes and procedures to achieve safety assurance through the collection and analysis of safety data, mitigating risk, and promoting a vibrant safety culture. This is achieved in part through an SMS Manual that documents the policies, procedures and responsibilities.

SMS manuals are organized by four SMS “pillars" or components: Safety Policy, Safety Risk Management, Safety Assurance, and Safety Promotion. SMS Manuals for Helicopter operators, airports, airfields, airlines, medical transports

Creating the SMS manual is a big job! The responsibility could be assigned to one person or a team of qualified individuals that are familiar with operating procedures. SMS manual creation process requires someone to oversee the SMS manual contents. SMS consultants may be hired to assist your team.

Beware! Don't buy a "canned SMS Program," or "SMS-In-a-Box." These programs could cause some legal issues for your company.

more about SMS manuals...

sample ICAO SMS manuals by Samir Kohli...

NWDS - SMS Consulting

NWDS' aviation SMS consulting professionals help aviation service providers achieve high performance through providing:

  • Hazard reporting databases
  • Risk management software solutions
  • Software development support
  • SMS change management consulting
  • Onsite SMS training and consulting
NWDS provides database design and development support to aviation service providers around the world

NWDS possesses a vast amount of consulting expertise in aviaiton SMS systems development that enables aviation service providers to deliver customer-centric service and reach new heights of safety performance and regulatory compliance.

Let us develop your aviation SMS!

Aviation Risk Management Compliance - FAA SMS, ICAO SMS

Aviation SMS based on ICAO Requirements has all Safety Policy Items covered. Start an effective FAA SMS implementation plan using SMS Pro. Safety Policy Aviation SMS based on ICAO Requirements has all Risk Management requirements accounted for to ensure compliance. Start an effective FAA SMS implementation plan using SMS Pro. Risk Management Aviation SMS based on ICAO Requirements has all Safety Assurance Items accounted for in this complete aviation SMS toolkit. Start an effective FAA SMS implementation plan using SMS Pro. Safety Assurance Aviation SMS based on ICAO Requirements has all Safety Promotion Items covered. Start an effective FAA SMS implementation plan using SMS Pro. Safety Promotion
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