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Safety Promotion Modules for Airline/Airport SMS Program

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ICAO SMS, FAA SMS, IS-BAO SMS and Transport Canada SMS are all in agreement with SMS Pro. SMS Pro is a compliance achiever.
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SMS Pro provides your organization with the framework, Web server, database and tools you need to manage an ICAO compliant aviation safety management system.

Promote a positive safety culture and communicate it throughout the organization.

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Aviation safety management systems consulting by professional aviaiton SMS consulting companies for ICAO, Transport Canada, FAA SMS manuals Aviation SMS hazard reporting and analysis tools for safety managers for ICAO, FAA and Transport Canada compliant tools

Aviation SMS Products

Hazard Reporting Solution
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Hazard Reporting Solution offers incredible savings for thrifty companies needing high-quality aviation SMS software.

Risk Management Solution
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Risk Management Solution designed for operators with limited SMS budgets using simple user-friendly Web-based SMS tools.

Safety-Quality Assurance Solution allows operators to advance their ICOA SMS implementations to the top level.

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SMS Pro Enterprise provides unlimited file storage space for SMS activities and access to ALL SMS Pro modules.


SMS Hazard Reporting By All Stakeholders

When the feedback loop is closed, users feel as if they are a part of the organization and their input is valued. Feedback should not go into a box, leaving employees to wonder whether the issue will ever be resolved.

SMS Pro establishes accountability throughout the organization by allowing users to check on the status of issues in real time without disturbing administrative staff. Not only are registered users permitted to submit safety, security, quality & compliance issues into the hazard management datbase, but ALL stakeholders can use the "Public Reporting Module" without compromising security.

The "Public Issue Reporting feature is great for:

  • Contractors
  • Customers
  • Board Members without SMS Pro access


Safety Goals & Objectives

Safety Goals and Objectives Planner™ provides a means for organizations to set and track SMS goals and objectives. SMS PRO™ automatically populates the module with data from the SMS database and the Gap Analysis Tool™. The program also automatically queries hazard, risk, audit, and financial data and compares against company-set objectives.


SMS Induction Manager to Prove/Documents Employees Understand Their SMS Roles

Auditors frequently ask whether ALL users are trained in an organization's SMS program. Auditors will say "prove it," and with the SMS Induction Manger, you are covered.

  • I understand how our safety management system operates.
  • I am aware of the role I play in our safety management system.
  • I understand the aim of our safety management system is to improve safety – not to attribute blame.
  • I have participated in either a formal or informal induction of our safety management system.  


Meeting Manager to Easily Setup & Document Safety Meetings

Meeting Manager™ is used to manage SMS meetings. The application references the SMS database, automatically populates meeting agendas and sends meeting agendas and minutes to invitees. Meetings can be managed using real-time data from the SMS database. Meeting tasks are logged in the application for follow-up.

Meeting minutes are automatically prepared and sent to participants. Participants are documented and saved for Key Performance Indicators reports.

Documentation for meetings should always be this easy.


Read Files to Prove/Document Who Reads Safety Information

Read File™ allows users to post safety information to a central location for everyone in the organization to see and read. Managers can keep track of who in the organization has read the postings.

Auditors frequently ask, "Who is reading your memos?" or "How do you know your employees are reading your notices?" The read file shows who has opened the file as well as the date. This is an auditor's favorite tool to see at an aviation service provider's business.


Must Acknowledge to Assure Management That Everyone Understands the Message!

When managers send out a memo or an important notice, they need to be assured that everyone has read and understands the message. The Must Acknowledge module documents the message and who has acknowledged reading and willingness to comply with the message.

Safety Newsletters to Communicate SMS Issues & Progress

Safety must be easily communicated to all users. SMS Pro's newsletters function allows safety managers to create and email newsletters to all users, or to only particular groups of users.


Safety Surveys to Gauge Employee Beliefs and SMS Effectiveness

Safety Survey™ module allows operators to quickly identify the organization’s safety culture. Respondents can answer the survey and remain anonymous.


Lessons Learned Library to Share SMS Lessons with Your Organization or Others

Users need to learn from past mistakes. Lessons learned library allows users to review and search for past lessons learned.


Desensitized Issues Reports

Users like to learn what types of issues have been reported in their organzization, whether they are safety, security, quality or compliance. SMS Pro allows the desensitized issue title and description to be displayed to all users.

Review Existing Aviation SMS Modules for ICAO, FAA & TC Compliance

Aviation SMS based on ICAO Requirements has all Safety Policy Items covered. Start an effective FAA SMS implementation plan using SMS Pro. Safety Policy Aviation SMS based on ICAO Requirements has all Risk Management requirements accounted for to ensure compliance. Start an effective FAA SMS implementation plan using SMS Pro. Risk Management Aviation SMS based on ICAO Requirements has all Safety Assurance Items accounted for in this complete aviation SMS toolkit. Start an effective FAA SMS implementation plan using SMS Pro. Safety Assurance Aviation SMS based on ICAO Requirements has all Safety Promotion Items covered. Start an effective FAA SMS implementation plan using SMS Pro. Safety Promotion
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