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Safety Policy Modules for Airline/Airport SMS Program

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ICAO SMS, FAA SMS, IS-BAO SMS and Transport Canada SMS are all in agreement with SMS Pro. SMS Pro is a compliance achiever.
Ready for compliance, in a nice Web-based toolkit
SMS Pro provides your organization with the framework, Web server, database and tools you need to manage an ICAO compliant aviation safety management system.

Safety Policy elements to satisfy your first Phase requirements in ICAO's SMS

Customize Your SMS

Aviation SMS training supplied by qualified aviation safety management systems professionals Aviation safety management systems consulting by professional aviaiton SMS consulting companies for ICAO, Transport Canada, FAA SMS manuals Aviation SMS hazard reporting and analysis tools for safety managers for ICAO, FAA and Transport Canada compliant tools

Aviation SMS Products

Hazard Reporting Solution
Starting at

Hazard Reporting Solution offers incredible savings for thrifty companies needing high-quality aviation SMS software.

Risk Management Solution
Starting at

Risk Management Solution designed for operators with limited SMS budgets using simple user-friendly Web-based SMS tools.

Safety-Quality Assurance Solution allows operators to advance their ICOA SMS implementations to the top level.

Starting at

SMS Pro Enterprise provides unlimited file storage space for SMS activities and access to ALL SMS Pro modules.


Aviation SMS Policy Manager to Edit/Store SMS Policies

SMS Pro's Policy Manager allows your employees to view your aviation safety policies online, instead of sitting on a shelf collecting dust.

Easily add and edit your aviation safety policies from a Web-based word processor. Copy and paste your safety policy into the editor and publish!

Keep track of "last review" dates for aviation SMS audits.

Setup automated "email review reminders" for each policy, with up to two advanced notices before the review due date.

In SMS Pro, policies appear in context. For example, the Non-punitive Reporting Policy appears in the Hazard/Issue Reporting Module, but is easily edited by authorized users.

Task Review Reminder for SMS Activities

Automatically send email reminders for:

  • Important tasks
  • Audits
  • Recurring duties
  • Weekly inspections

Organizational Chart for SMS Management

Your SMS organizational chart shows the structure of your organization and the relationships and relative ranks of positions/roles. Everyone should understand this heirarchy in your organization.

Duties and Requirements of Key Safety Personnel

Communicate and document the duties, responsibilities and requirements for your organization's key safety personnel.

Applicable Aviation Regulations

Aviation service providers have regulations to guide their activities and assure quality is maintained. Each organization must remain knowledgeable of these applicable regulations.

Since regulations vary by country and industry, SMS Pro allows authorized personnel to edit and display applicable regulations right inside SMS Pro.

Aviation SMS Implementation Manager

Implementing an effective SMS is a time-consuming task for aviation service providers. First, one must understand what is required, determine what an organization already has implemented and then calculate a plan for implementing the shortcomings.

SMS Pro's Implementation Manager has customizable implementation templates built ready to use. These templates come from ICAO, Transport Canada and the FAA. Follow the step by step approach to implementing your aviation SMS.

  • Keep track of the status of each step and easily view the status. 
  • Customize the SMS implementation steps. Add/edit/reorder them to suit your needs.
  • Set targeted start dates and finish dates.
  • Allow internal and external auditors to review and leave remarks.
  • Documentation is in one central location.

Aviation SMS Document Manager

Document management is a key requirement in aviation safety management systems. SMS Pro allows documents to be uploaded and secured from unauthorized access and/or editing.

Version control is built into SMS Pro's document management modules. Authorized personnel can checkout/check-in documents.

Another document management module keeps track of who has downloaded the document and when it was downloaded.

Finally, another module easily documents that your readers understand and agree to comply with your aviation safety policies.

Review Existing Aviation SMS Modules for ICAO, FAA & TC Compliance

Aviation SMS based on ICAO Requirements has all Safety Policy Items covered. Start an effective FAA SMS implementation plan using SMS Pro. Safety Policy Aviation SMS based on ICAO Requirements has all Risk Management requirements accounted for to ensure compliance. Start an effective FAA SMS implementation plan using SMS Pro. Risk Management Aviation SMS based on ICAO Requirements has all Safety Assurance Items accounted for in this complete aviation SMS toolkit. Start an effective FAA SMS implementation plan using SMS Pro. Safety Assurance Aviation SMS based on ICAO Requirements has all Safety Promotion Items covered. Start an effective FAA SMS implementation plan using SMS Pro. Safety Promotion
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