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Risk Management Modules for Airline/Airport SMS Programs

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SMS Pro provides your organization with the framework, Web server, database and tools you need to manage an ICAO compliant aviation safety management system.

Risk Management tools to identify, analyze, assess & control risk. Excellent reporting and analysis tools.

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ICAO SMS, FAA SMS, IS-BAO SMS and Transport Canada SMS are all in agreement with SMS Pro. SMS Pro is a compliance achiever.
Aviation SMS training supplied by qualified aviation safety management systems professionals Aviation safety management systems consulting by professional aviaiton SMS consulting companies for ICAO, Transport Canada, FAA SMS manuals Aviation SMS hazard reporting and analysis tools for safety managers for ICAO, FAA and Transport Canada compliant tools

Aviation SMS Products

Hazard Reporting Solution
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Hazard Reporting Solution offers incredible savings for thrifty companies needing high-quality aviation SMS software.

Risk Management Solution
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Risk Management Solution designed for operators with limited SMS budgets using simple user-friendly Web-based SMS tools.

Safety-Quality Assurance Solution allows operators to advance their ICOA SMS implementations to the top level.

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SMS Pro Enterprise provides unlimited file storage space for SMS activities and access to ALL SMS Pro modules.


SMS Hazard Management

There are many online hazard reporting systems. What makes SMS Pro special? SMS Pro provides an integrated solutions so all audit findings, concerns or issues are managed through the core issue management functionality. Everything is centralized.

But there is more! There is complete transparency. People who report the issues can see what actions are being implemented to solve the problem.

The issue management functionality has centralized & integrated functionality to:

  • Assess reported issues
  • Classify by Type of Issue, Root Causes, Type of Processes and Department
  • Manage Corrective Actions
  • Track Costs
  • Attach images or supporting documents
  • Conduct thorough investigations
  • Create Lessons Learned

Of course, there is much more, but one should see the Issue Manager in action to observe all the details.

Proactive Hazard Analysis

Create a hazard registry or document your Operational Risk Profile using this incredibly comprehensive module. The Proactive Hazard Analysis tool is designed for aviation service providers who are in the proactive phase of their aviation SMS implementation. It is designed for trained safety professionals who understand the theory and application of safety and risk management systems.

  • List hazards by functional category
  • Manage associated risks, including initial & residual risk assessments
  • List control measures and classify them by type of control
  • Assign responsible managers
  • Create a review schedule

Corrective Actions Manager

Managers can see at a glance where corrective actions may be falling through the cracks. See which issues require "special attention."

Aviation SMS Charting Tools

SMS Pro's complex charting tools allow managers to quickly determine which types of issues are costing them  the most money. These drill-down charts get one to the heart of the matter and provide incredible amounts of information.

Charts are broken out by Financial and "Number of Occurences." Management easily applies date ranges and quickly sees reports by:

  • Types of Issues
  • Type of Processes Involved
  • Root Causes
  • Associated Risks/Hazards
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Status (open, closed, in progress...)
  • Department
  • Division

SMS Financial Charting Tools

Same great functionality as the Charting tools above, but designed for the "bean counters."

Ad Hoc SMS Queries

Investigate your data by performing ad hoc queries. Identify trends, see which items have been audited (and when). Search not only on issues

Aviation SMS Data Exports

Export your data to Excel, Word or PDFs to create your own custom reports.

Search functionality can be extended to perform "full text" searches on items that may not be visible, such as:

  • Reported issue descriptions
  • All comments
  • Corrective actions
  • Lessons learned

Retrieve data and apply sophisticated filters to narrow down your search results. All from the Web! on your integrated and aggregated safety management database solution.

Emergency Response Plans

Manage organizational emergency response plans from SMS Pro. Post call sheets, checklists and more.

Individual Mission Risk Assessments

SMS Pro's Flight Risk Assessment Tool (FRAT) provides "proactive identification of possible hazards and the use of risk management tools to mitigate risks as aspects of a Safety Management System (SMS).

This is a greatly improved and completely customizable Mission Risk Assessment Tool allowing escalation of required actions based upon an individual mission's risk.

There are four categories to evaluate for any particular mission:

  1. Manpower;
  2. Operating Environment;
  3. Equipment;
  4. Departures / Arrivals
Each SMS Pro Web-based application comes pre-configured with default questions and risk values in each of the first three categories. An SMS Admin can easily modify these items by:
  • Adding new questions;
  • Changing the verbiage of questions;
  • Changing risk value between 0 and 5;
  • Changing the order the questions appear; or
  • Removing them from the list.

Departures / Arrivals are landing areas, such as airports or helipads. SMS Admins or Chief Pilots can configure a risk value for the departure and arrival at each landing area. NOTE: If landing areas are not listed, they can be added. Chief Pilots can add customizable landing areas, such as heliports, river beds or snowfields in Alaska. Currently, there are over 6200 ICAO airports in our database.

Review Existing Aviation SMS Modules for ICAO, FAA & TC Compliance

Aviation SMS based on ICAO Requirements has all Safety Policy Items covered. Start an effective FAA SMS implementation plan using SMS Pro. Safety Policy Aviation SMS based on ICAO Requirements has all Risk Management requirements accounted for to ensure compliance. Start an effective FAA SMS implementation plan using SMS Pro. Risk Management Aviation SMS based on ICAO Requirements has all Safety Assurance Items accounted for in this complete aviation SMS toolkit. Start an effective FAA SMS implementation plan using SMS Pro. Safety Assurance Aviation SMS based on ICAO Requirements has all Safety Promotion Items covered. Start an effective FAA SMS implementation plan using SMS Pro. Safety Promotion
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